Innovation in Furniture

One of the key parts of any home is the furniture. In Hong Kong's subdivided, it is all the more important to select furniture that creates more storage, is multi-functional, and doesn't clutter the home.

In my research for ways to improve storage space in subdivided flats in HK, I discovered some creative designs (above). The first is a version of a Murphy bed, which folds into a sofa/wall. When folded, the legs that hold the bed up on the ground become a shelf. While I found this to be a successful way of increasing space, it can be a hassle to have to push a heavy bed in and out of a wall every day. In addition to that, a sofa is not a necessary item of furniture, particularly not for tenants of subdivided units who would rarely spend time using one. While this piece of furniture is not necessarily suited to my project, the idea of temporarily removing furniture that is only used once a day, ie. a bed, is useful when considering space and movement within said space.

The second idea in the images above (top right) is far more applicable to the situation of subdivided units. The bookcase/shelving unit provides storage space and also, without utilizing too much of this space, contains a table and chairs that can be removed and used when needed. The third idea (bottom left) is similar and can also be applied to this project.

One of the few items that remain fixed in a home is the toilet. In order to use the space in a bathroom, the best option is to create furniture that uses the surrounding space. For example, the fourth image (bottom right) shows how building cabinetry around the toilet area can provide enough space to store necessary bathroom essentials such as toilet paper, hand towels, etc. This kind of furniture does not take away any space that could be used for other things.